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Life Is Colorful is the London-based Painters and Decorators service you can rely on. If you need a painter and decorator to provide a high standard of workmanship, using top quality materials, then get in touch with us. Our painting and decorating service is offered to residential and commercial properties, in and around London. Whatever job we do, large or small, we get it done on time with minimal disruption. All our painters are qualified and experienced professionals with the skills to complete external or internal decorating projects.

Why painting is important ?

Painting your interior walls can reduce odours and fumes, that’s why doing in regular intervals is a must.

Keeping your interior walls and other surfaces painted can keep dust and dirt away from you.

Painting your exterior can cover stains and damages and prevent costly repairing and painting later.

If your place needs a new look there is nothing better than refreshing it with a nice paint job.

An updated painted place creates positivity and a feel good atmosphere and after a hard work day it brings happiness and peace of mind.

Painting trends changes with times and doing at right interval will keep you stay in line with times.

Painting interior and exterior will certainly increase the value of your place.

Hiring a pro or doing by yourself ?



If you want to do the painting yourself, you will need to buy the necessary equipment and supplies and that’s not only brushes and paint colours but there are to many things. Going with this option will cost you more. A professional painter has all the tools that are needed for the job and in the long run, a professional will save you costs that come from repainting your walls after a short time. When a professional painter does the job for you, your paint work will last longer because he knows how to mix the paints in the right quantities.

Use of the right products

A lot of products in the painting market promises you a professional look and sometimes its true, but it is difficult to know which ones will be right for your place. A professional painter know the products that will be perfect for you and can get these products at wholesale discounts through painting suppliers. Their experience of working will come in handy when you hire a pro.


Professional painters can work quicker than a DIY painter simply because they paint every day. The quality of the painting will not be sacrified for speed. Not only can finish the job within a short time, but also know techniques that will give your place a fantastic look.

Safe work

Painting has its dangers which should be a source of concern to you, if you are not an expert. Sometimes, painting requires accessing very high areas of the building which is very risky. Professional painters know how to work on such heights and are equipped with the right tools to carry out the job.


Anyone can make an attempt at house painting and do a fairly good job at it, but if you fail there is no Undo button. Only a professional painter can give you the satisfaction that comes from quality job delivery.

What people say about painting from a professional ?


For me, I honestly think that the amount of extra paint I would need to be prepared for messing things up, or spilling it, would be enough to make not worth it to even try painting myself. There are things that are better left to professionals, and painting is definitely one of those things.


I remember when we tried to paint our house by ourselves and it really did not go well, the wall paint looked like it was painted by a 5-year-old child. At the end : a lot of time, endless work, a lot of money, and painful days.



It’s seems an easy work, but we learned that DIY has so many things to solve. Instead of having a pleasure end turned to a stress.


Everyday the difference of our neighbor house painted from professionals and ours painted with my husband makes me feel so bad for considering that painting is an easy thing.

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